Creating the future outdoors


With a considered approach.

The core values of Outdoor Futures, intrinsic to everything we do: A user-centred approach,  innovating with purpose and a drive to help build a more sustainable future.


Understanding the user always initiates the design process, ensuring each project is focused, has a clear direction and delivers the best product possible to suit user needs.

People don’t always remember products but they do remember the way they made them feel. Not only do we design great products but also amazing experiences.


True innovations have a meaningful impact on a person, a sport or an industry and they also stand the test of time. At Outdoor Futures we value these true innovations.

Fads and gimmicks come and go, as do reputations. We design and develop innovations with purpose to ensure integrity and longevity in the products we design and the companies we work with.


The outdoors is our playground and the planet our home. At Outdoor Futures we are passionate about protecting the environment and are focussed on enacting change through considered design and material selection.

As designers and manufacturers, it’s our responsibility to ensure that the products we produce live up to the quality materials they’re made from, extending the life of the product as we strive for a more sustainable future.



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