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Lead Designer  Michael Hinchliffe
Product Manager  Mark Meadows
Graphic Designer  Will Rawson

Company — Brands Holdings Ltd.
Launched — July 2015

THE CHALLENGE: Children grow really quickly, as do their skills on a bike. After mastering to balance, a balance bike becomes redundant and a pedal bike is needed. Increase the life of a kids bicycle through designing a product that grows with them.

THE OUTCOME: A 14″ wheeled balance bike that converts to a pedal bike with the addition of a bottom bracket and drivetrain, when the child is ready to make the transition.

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The Grow Bike was designed to EN and ISO standards and brought to life in 3D CAD software to create stunning visuals, help determine the geometry and output technical drawings for manufacture.


The challenging part of the project was trying to make the saddle height low enough to the ground to be used as a balance bike for the younger age group without having a dangerously small lean angle once the drive train and pedals were added.

The concept was realised in the frame of the bike; with no chain stays, fine tuned geometry and dual position drop outs.


The Grow Bike was finished with contemporary graphics and colours, adhering to market trends and appropriation to age group. Detailed instructions and assembly tools completed the product.

This project was completed whilst under employment by Universal Cycles (Brands Holdings LTD.)


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