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Lead Designer  Michael Hinchliffe
Lead Developer  Tanya Wilde

Company — Equip Outdoor Technologies UK Ltd.
Launched — SS18

THE CHALLENGE: To produce a range of lightweight, yet resilient outdoor packs that cater for the multi-activity lifestyle of the modern outdoor enthusiast.

THE OUTCOME: A range of men’s and women’s specific, technical, multi-activity packs that are as versatile as the user. Loaded with a full array of universal features, the Aeon range is designed to be ready for action whatever the day has in store.

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The Aeon 27 is made with lightweight yet tough TriShield fabric, and was built packed with features.

The multi-activity user needs versatility but that shouldn’t mean they need to compromise on quality. The features of the Aeon packs were carefully considered and in some cases offered more than one form of functionality; only making the cut if they truly benefitted the user and enhanced their experience. 


The packs feature Flexion technology; a super thin yet extremely comfortable load bearing harness that moves with the user and  spreads the load evenly through the strap rather than ‘banding,’ causing discomfort like other lightweight harnesses on the market.


The Aeon is designed to be close fitting to reduce the users centre of gravity and lessen the impact on mobility and agility when undertaking active pursuits. Close fitting means sweaty right?

Not on the Aeon packs. They feature a back length adjustable, Air Contour back panel with designed in air flow channels and pockets to reduce the amount of body contact and increase air escape and circulation.


The Aeon user is energetic and fast paced so it was only right to design an aesthetic to match. The style lines are inspired by a fighter jet and the colours are vibrant and bold.

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Upon launch, the Aeon received many plaudits and received industry wide recognition with the tester from Outdoors Magic describing it as “One of the best packs I’ve tested,” and Lowe Alpine describing it as “Quite possibly our favourite ever creation.”

This project was completed whilst under employment by Equip Outdoor Technologies UK Ltd.


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